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Webinar "A practical guide to Patient Registries" - Feb 14th @3pm (CET)

Starting with a few common definitions, the webinar will give insights about how to plan and manage patient registries from both a methodological and a statistical point of view. We will also describe types and benefits of patient registries and studies derived from them.

Speaker: Christian Amici, MediNeos Clinical Project Portfolio Manager

After graduating in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, he obtained a master’s degree in International Health Care Management, Economics and Policy at Bocconi University (Milan). He began his work experience in MediNeos in 2009 as Clinical Research Associate and later as a Study Designer. Since 2014 he has covered the role of Clinical Project Portfolio. Christian has a consolidated experience in: observational research, international and local project management and account, public speech and epidemiology

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The webinar - that will be held at 3pm (CET) - is free and reserved to MediNeos clients