MediNeos is passionate about developing and sharing current knowledge about observational research.

We organize several local workshops, courses and webinars on different current and engaging topics related to observational studies, patients registries, real world data and many more. Here you can see a calendar of the next planned activities and you can also have access to materials related to past events.

Major congresses and scientific events in which MediNeos takes part are also listed here.

We also deliver specific courses for our customers, who may want to introduce members of their staff, covering different roles and responsibilities, to the complex aspects of this fascinating world of research. Please inquire with us, by using the contact us form, to learn how you can plan a course on observational research at your site.

Next events
06 September 2018
The webinar will provide an overview of the regulatory framework applicable to the conduction of an observational PASS study. Attendees will be given …
20 September 2018
Real World Data refers to the systematic and unbiased collection of data used for decision making that are not collected in conventional randomized co…
26 September 2018
This workshop is free and reserved to MediNeos clients Conducting a real world data collection applying observational research methods implies to fin…
08 October 2018
The eighth edition of the European Epidemiological Forum is dedicated to the use of Real World Evidence (RWE) to improve clinical programs and patient…
09 October 2018
Real-world evidence should be incorporated throughout all the product’s lifecycle to ensure a significant value during its launch and commercializatio…