Generating Real World Evidence: What, Who, Why, and When

07 April 2020 , online

The workshop content spans from the main definitions of frequently used terms to the real-life examples of Observational Research deployment at various stages of the drug life-cycle. It will provide the participants with basic knowledge on ‘hows’, ‘whens’ and, perhaps most importantly, ‘whys’ of this particular kind of evidence generation.

Speaker: Gabriele Musso, MediNeos Clinical Project Portfolio Manager

Graduated in Sociology and Social Research from University of Eastern Piedmont after studying abroad at Jagiellonian University in Kraków (Poland). Gabriele started his work experience in MediNeos  as Study Manager. Since then, he has gained experience in both international and local project management of observational studies, clinical site management and pharmacovigilance, national laws and regulations applicable to observational research.

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The workshop is free and reserved to MediNeos clients