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23 October 2019 (Webinar online)

While the wide-ranging subject of quality is perfectly well regulated in clinical trials, it still remains foggy in observational research because of some legal gaps that lead to frequent difficulties/doubts for specialized operators. During this webinar we will explore different views on this subject, bringing some specific situations related to Real World Data research and giving much room for discussion from the audience.

Speaker: Sara Montanari, MediNeos Quality Assurance Manager

She has competencies in genetics, clinical epidemiology, GCP, Patients Reported Outcomes, computer system validation, pharmacovigilance, quality assurance and quality compliance processes, and in laws and regulations applicable to the conduction of clinical studies.

The webinar - that will be held at 3pm (CET) - is free and reserved to MediNeos clients

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12 November 2019 (Webinar online)

In real world observational research, two basic components of any study are exposure and outcome. In absence of randomization, bias occurs when  a measure of association between exposure and outcome is systematically wrong. Selection bias, misclassification and confounding are typical problems that must be faced by the researcher so that a causal unbiased association between exposure and outcome is estimated. Knowing and understanding these feared demons is the first step for fighting them, armed with the powerful  weapons of study design and statistical analysis.

Speaker: Fabio Ferri, Medineos Epidemiology and Outcome Research Specialist

Graduated in Biomolecular and Cellular Sciences at the University of Ferrara. He has skills in designing observational studies, study protocol writing, planning and implementation of statistical analysis in SAS, statistical reports and clinical reports, publication of results, and evaluation of psychometric properties of questionnaires. He is also lecturer in webinars and training courses on statistical and epidemiological methods.

The webinar - that will be held at 3pm (CET) - is free and reserved to MediNeos clients

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26 November 2019 (Webinar online)

The aim of this webinar is to share an introduction about what site management means in Observational Studies. We will define what site management is, because some overlaps in definitions are still quite common.Then we will illustrate the typical site management tools, with specific regard to the study dashboard recommended for study management. In the second half of the webinar we will describe the most commonly used indicators in site management with specific examples.

Speaker: Alessandra Ori, MediNeos Clinical operations Manager

She started her working experience with important medical device manufacturers and since 2005 Alessandra has been working in MediNeos. Throughout the years she has built competence in clinical epidemiology, Clinical Site Management GCP applications, national and international regulations applied to clinical research.

The webinar - that will be held at 3pm (CET) - is free and reserved to MediNeos clients

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05 December 2019 (Webinar online)

The webinar will present guidelines for best practices in publishing and presenting scientific results, with a special focus on results from observational studies. It will cover the widely cited STROBE and CONSORT statements.

Speaker: Sara Rizzoli, Medineos Senior Biostatistician

She obtained a MS degree in Statistics and a Master in Communication and Information Technology (University of Bologna). In MediNeos she is responsible for writing study protocols (statistical analysis and sample size paragraphs), designing and validating the case report forms, for data analysis (statistical analysis plans, statistical and clinical study reports). She is author of scientific publications on international journals and of scientific communications both at national and international congresses.

The webinar - that will be held at 3pm (CET) - is free and reserved to MediNeos clients

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