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06 December 2016
List of 2017 events now available

05 December 2016
During this webinar we will explore different views on this subject, bringing some specific situations related to Real World Data research and giving much room for discussion from the audience.

18 November 2016
The aim of the webinar is to share an introduction about what site management means in Observational Studies

16 November 2016
Conducting a real world data collection applying observational research methods implies to find the best tool to answer a strategic need in the framework of a company project.

07 November 2016
A two days intensive course to learn the most important and successful factors involved in the planning and design of observational clinical research

04 November 2016
On November 17th MediNeos will have a new webinar that will provide an overview of the regulatory framework applicable to the conduction of an observational PASS study.

27 October 2016
Starting from the definition of Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER), this workshop will focus on key elements in planning an observational CER.

27 October 2016
Starting with a few common definitions, the webinar will give insights about how to plan and manage patient registries

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