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Webinar "50 Shades of Observational Research "

This new edition of MediNeos’s Webinar will cover a whole range of issues concerning Observational Research in general. It can be viewed as an introduction, an overview or a starting point to the more specific matters. Its content spans from the main definitions of frequently used terms to the real-life examples of Observational Research deployment at various stages of the drug life-cycle. This webinar will provide the participants with basic knowledge on ‘hows’, ‘whens’ and, perhaps most importantly, ‘whys’ of this particular kind of evidence generation.

 We will share these insights with you on Thursday September 15th

 Speaker: Filip Rozewski, MediNeos Observational Research

Filip is heavily involved in the robust area of real-world research, which brings together all his professional interests: clinical pharmacology, epidemiology and public health.

The webinar is FREE and reserved to MediNeos clients