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Webinar "The role of Comparative Effectiveness in supporting a product's value "

Comparative effectiveness research is designed to inform health-care decisions by providing evidence on the effectiveness, benefits, and harms of different treatment options. Starting from the definition of Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER), this webinar will focus on the key elements for planning an observational CER. Study design, measurement of outcome\exposure and selection of the right comparator will be discussed, along with examples of observational CER studies.

Speaker: Lucia Simoni, Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics Unit Manager

She obtained a MS degree in Statistics and a PhD in Population Genetics. She has been working in MediNeos since 2003 as biostatistician and currently is manager of Clinical Data Management and Biostatistics Unit. She is responsible for ensuring the highest possible quality control in recorded clinical data and for developing strategies to optimize such processes. She also has deep experience in designing studies and in the validation process of PROs.

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