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03 November 2015
Are you thinking about a Comparative Effective Research project?

19 October 2015
This year’s edition of the event took place in Berlin and has been a truly international discussion forum for everybody interested in the Real-World Data. Read on for a quick review of this interesting one-day conference.

07 October 2015
Drivers, Challenges and Best Practices in Real-World Research is te topic of our next free online webinar.

14 September 2015
The industry sees claims databases as an easy source of evidence - quick, painless and ready-to-go. Is it really so?

08 September 2015
A new webinar by MediNeos! Site Management in Observational Studies has specific approaches, techniques and indicators most people are not fully aware of. Check it out on Friday 11th, 2015 at 11:00am (CET).

30 June 2015
Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE): a German study on biological treatments for Psoriasis shows how preferences, needs and concerns of each patient can be integrated into therapeutic decisions in order to optimize treatment satisfaction, adherence and outcome.

28 May 2015
‘’Health care is dangerous. Transparency and an understanding of impact of innovations and discoveries on real patients in their own ‘real worlds’ will make it safer. Much safer’’. Allan M. Korn

25 May 2015
Patient centricity is the process of designing a service around the patient. Integration between clinical trials and observational studies could be a further step to foster patient centricity and rise benefits for all stakeholders, patients first of all.