MediNeos has developed since 2003 a vast and specific experience in observational studies performed with a variety of prospective, retrospective and hybrid designs.

Our clinical operations capabilities are conceived and organized to manage over 1,000 sites per year and about 300 new sites/year and are easily extended to all EU Countries, with experiences also in US and Canada.

MediNeos expertise in collecting real life evidence ranges through different areas of Medicine and Life Sciences, covering the most important therapeutical areas.

Our clinical research professionals, along with our network of KOLs, hospital centers, medical consultants and EU partners help MediNeos in applying observational research methodologies in a broad spectrum of scientific specialties.

We proudly keep track of our projects as well as the bibliography produced and the specific HRQoL questionnaires developed and employed in our studies. Such ever growing experience gained through the passion and the efforts of each and every one the studies conducted helps us to improve our knowledge in designing and managing even better our future observational studies.