What we do

Project design

Feasibility Studies

Through an extended, international network of Key Opinion Leaders, hospital centres and trusted partners we are able to efficiently collect scientific information in order to provide feasibility advices about observational research projects, whether they are prospective, retrospective or hybrid designs.

Our smart feasibility reports provide structured intelligence about authorizations, timing, centre selections, patient enrolment, costs and other key points for study design and budgeting.


Project Design Workflow

In order to provide the best solution that properly fits the customer’s needs and expectations, MediNeos provides an established, proprietary workflow that encompasses  its decennial expertise in designing successful observational studies.

The workflow is based on 4 steps: Listen, Shape, Focus and Define.

Each step provides intermediate deliverables that enable the following one. The customer is invited to actively interact within the design workflow in order to achieve the best results in the shortest time span. The customer can choose to follow the entire workflow (suggested) or hire MediNeos to develop any part of it. The final result of the planning workflow ends in the study protocol and the economical budget for the project deployment.




The project design workflow is aimed at providing the best feasible solution which properly fits the overall goals of the project, customer's needs and expectations, as well as the identified constraints.
Among the possible study scenarios, additional project extensions can be considered in order to raise clinicians’ interest about the project. These could include customized project communication channels, scientific events to disseminate study results, web/digital content generated from study data, and more.